Rob’s biog

Growing up in Falmouth, on the south coast of Cornwall, Rob developed a lifelong passion for rugby, fishing, tennis and sailing. He also managed to squeeze some studying into his early years and eventually left the Duchy, heading for the bright lights of London- or Bayswater, to be precise. Three years later, armed with a Chemistry degree from Imperial College, he decided to head towards the world of education, preferring people to test tubes and, having spent a year at Goldsmiths’ College completing a PGCE, found that the magnetic attraction of south-east London proved to much to resist; he has lived and worked in the area ever since.

Spending the 80s and early 90s as a pastoral leader and youth worker in the Eltham area had a lasting effect on Rob. These were turbulent times, marked by injustice and discrimination, which presented both challenges and rewards. In these circumstances,  the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the young people in the area seemed particularly important and this has remained a key driver for Rob ever since.

Rob has worked in a range of different comprehensive schools; he became  involved in school leadership in 1997, as a deputy head,  before becoming the head of Thomas Tallis School in 2002. Throughout his teaching career, he has had an interest in how people learn and has led a successful school which placed high value on creativity and the development of the individual.

Involved from the very early stages of the Building Schools for the Future programme, he has a detailed knowledge and understanding of how to successfully design and build a state-of-the-art school delivering a 21st century education.

Rob left Thomas Tallis in 2011 and, using his experience as a headteacher, has set up Dysky Education Solutions, a company which provides support to school leaders and leadership teams and schools in enabling students and staff to achieve their full potential. He is also the London director of the Tablet Academy.